Why Should We Unite ?

Why should we unite?


Actually, the world is under the effect of global capital. It only occurs from amassed structures by the governments and systems that global capital determines as a form of management. But none of these formations have been able to provide a significant value to the world. For example, it hasn’t been seen that the United Nations has stopped or been able to prevent any kind of war until today. On the other hand, the military alliance NATO never engages in anything other than serving its member countries and shaping its decisions based on the benefits of these countries, which global powers dominate; because these structures serve not humanity but imperialist and capitalist powers, and their bloody goals.

This situation is not an issue of only international organizations like the United Nations and NATO. Actually, all governing in the world are under the control of the global powers, and these powers are in a position of having long established secret states in the countries they control. For example, they put the dollar on the market, and the whole world uses the dollar. As soon as it goes against their interests they intervene in the market, they topple governments, and they prop up new governments in their place. When there are governing that don’t serve their purposes, they stage or attempt coups. This situation has always continued in all states with whom they don’t share a nationality, belief, or perspective. Therefore, the idea to come to power and lead a country today consists of a massive lie, because no matter which government one comes to lead, because not the military, not the judicial units and not any other elements will be dependent on them, at no point will 100 percent of the country’s governing enter into their care; it will continue to be directed under the control of these global powers.

We must at this point turn back and look at history so that we may understand the real objectives of the foci of global capital. The structure that we call the foci of global capital is actually a capitalist and imperialist creation that the elit barons of companies who form the tip of the top of the pyramid spearhead and that dominates international politics. By uniting this formation, the episode of becoming an effective power in the world relies on the Paris Peace Conference organized 100 years ago, in January 1919. No matter how much this conference has the characteristics of being a peace conference arranged between the party states that participated in the First World War, those who came together at this conference were convinced that from that point on, global corporations had to rule the world and formed, for this purpose, an organization under the name of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in New York on the date of July 21, 1921. The organization, which entered into a process of growth in 1927, during its hundred-year span lasting until today, has gained from the wars whose wicks it lit behind closed doors, from the weapons and ammunition that it had produced to be used in these wars, and, therefore, from the innocent blood lost as a result of its crude creations. Fossil fuels and related industries, drugs, weapons, and pharmaceutical capital are also among the long-term profits of this organization. On the other hand, the architect of so-called wars of democracy that tyrannized the Middle East were always the barons of companies that united under the umbrella of this organization and the states under their guidance.

Today, this formation wants to bring out war in the world. For this, they produced massive weapons, chemical weapons. They aim for two things with these weapons. The first is to reduce the human race; the second is to strengthen global corporations while reducing the human race. Because as they sell weapons and drugs, they make money, and like this, these corporations will have become fifty, a hundred, even a thousand times richer from the current conditions. It will weaken the human race by this means and will insert it into an area where it may exploit it within technological, psychological, sociological, and interactive processes with the capital it obtains from these crude governing of exploitation. Their goals for this is to divide the world into as many countries as they are able to. The reason? Because each division will bring about war, so that this means a massive profit for global capital. For example, they will gain from the network web. They will later produce new weapons and again gain from this. While constructing this and while establishing the technical infrastructure, they will still make money. Meaning they will both decrease the number of humans and will continue to make money as they divide countries.

The barons of the New World Order are not in a situation of having gained control of the world as they wish, because the people of the world are still in cooperation. Because division has not been sufficiently provided, there is, in front of them, a mechanism that leads to hesitation and division in their systems. And they are in pursuit of eliminating this mechanism. While doing this, they will implement a severe policy of exploitation. For example, they will establish a new world in which there are hundreds of states and models of life in the Middle East, and they will make these small states entirely reliant on them, by demonstrating as if there is a threat at any moment for one another. They will establish sectarian states, for example, and they will then establish terror states in order to be able to control them. While doing this, they will use whatever they can for change in the internal structures of these countries; they will say, “Freedoms of language, belief, culture; freedoms of history, ownership, and race;” under the guise of “We are bringing democracy and freedom to the world!” they will enable this division and fragmentation, and each fragmentation will lead to the deaths of millions of people. If that isn’t enough, they will produce new diseases, viruses whose names we’ve never heard, and lead to mass casualties. And like this, by bringing the population of the world under control, they will both bring about a prominent system of slavery (a system of a more distinguished, more productive, and more hardworking herd of modern slaves̵) by which they will force the acceptance of modern serfdom, and add to their riches.

Actually, the objective of this elite class is to bring about the Third World War. However, this war that they want to break out is not just a Third World War, they are anticipating bringing about a war in every region of the world and thus establishing little states, maybe close to a thousand, in the world. This means that they will easily be able to control the world, and they are planning to do this through local companies that transfer money to the main companies and that win themselves.

Of course, this is their plan. This is the dream of a group that sees humans so pathetic as to think that the entire world needs to enter into the service of a rich, elite class but that is actually, itself, pathetic. This is the dream of a simple class that, in order to run the world, is fed by blood, gunpowder, and heroin and that reduces itself enough to reap profits of human organs. Yet, this simple class will try everything to earn more. But we can stop them. We can destroy all of these inhuman systems that are imposed upon us. This strength, capacity, and independent spirit is present in the disposition of the human race. Just think, if the resources in the hands of this elite group were in the hands of the people, they could have lived much more happily, serenely, and peacefully, and have made the world a much better place. But no one can do this right now, because the resources are in the hands of a minority. And this minority is in a position of having turned each of the resources that have been strewn across the Earth for all of our collective use and turned them against its own race – against us.

That is why this is not just a problem for one of us, this is a problem for all of us. This is the problem of the citizen living in America, the problem of the citizen dependent on the Chinese government, the problem of a Muslim, of a Christian, of a Jew, of a Buddhist, and of an atheist. This is the collective problem of all races, beliefs, and cultures and all nature and life; this is the issue of all these.

From now on, we have to be smart, because we are people. Their purpose is to establish a unilaterally governed global structure that they call the New World Order and to pioneer a war, the likes of which hasn’t been seen in history to this end. Ultimately when this war breaks out, the most profitable elements of this system in which we reveal our lives and our property will again be the capitalists and the imperialists. Even if we fight, even if we supposedly move this war forward in the name of our beliefs, these systems that still grow stronger will remain as long as this order does not change.

For this, we must break the structure of these global powers in the world. These systems are the oppression of all people, and it is our duty to eliminate this oppression. That’s why humanity must unite and coalesce in an instant. If we coalesce, we’ll destroy these systems. If we coalesce, we’ll render those atomic, helium, and cluster bombs ineffective. Because we are the greatest power. If we wish, we can destroy and pass beyond these systems. The only way for us to do this is to form an entirely new world state with its own currency, in which we ourselves will develop areas of consumption by standing shoulder to shoulder as humans, independent from the systems that they established and enslaved us; and to unite the people who want to be a part of it, from all over the world, under the umbrella of this state.

We are not talking about the United Nations, NATO, or a similar structure. The United Nations is not a state, it is a structure that came about as a result of united governments and is actually only conjectural. NATO is a structure that occurred as a result of military cooperation and that enters into the military cooperation of countries. Neither NATO, the United Nations, nor the European Union, not one of these is a state; they are structures formed from the united governments and armies of various countries. The system we are talking here is a system created with people. And a system created with people is always stronger.

But if we form this in a specific region whose borders are drawn, we won’t even be able to take one step forward. This was tried numerous times in the world and never came to be. Indeed, even if many world leaders had wanted to create a world state, none of them were able to succeed in this goal. Neither Alexander the Great, nor Atilla, neither Genghis Khan, or Timur, neither Napoleon, nor any other; none of them were able to unite the world under the roof of a single state because all of them tried to make sovereign in the world the soil, the beliefs, and the cultures they themselves were born into, and they tried to do this by acquiring land. Yet, the world is not a place that can be dominated by acquiring land or by spilling blood. For example, there are, right now, three different Abrahamic religions and various beliefs active around the world. The possibility for all of these beliefs to gather under one single belief is zero. Similarly, the possibility for gathering all cultures under one culture, for gathering all languages under one language is also zero. The possibility for the whole world to enter into the sovereignty of lands that one race possesses is, again, zero. But if a state is to be created that has no land, no official language, religion, race or sect; that has citizens from everywhere and every segment of the world; that acts for peace and not for war; and that will awaken a new age for humanity; all of humanity will flock to it. And like this, an upper structure can preclude wars.

The only reason right now that the wars on Earth are not stopping is because there is still a perception of land in the logic of humanity. Because of this, the movement capability of humanity has been jammed and remained in a narrow space on an axis of race, flag, and belief. But if we form a united world state without land and therefore without borders, and if this state grows stronger, nobody would any longer feel the need to battle for land, everyone’s purpose would be to be within freedom, peace, and security. And a state like this would be the proof that another world can be possible for all of humanity.

And we set out for this purpose. We set out with a dream of a happy, peaceful, and safe world that will fraternally unite humanity, that will draw the line on all systems that are exploiting us with iron fists, that will aggrandize humanity and existence, and that will carry humanity into a new age at the point of respect for the planet, of science and knowledge; and in order to realize our dream, we are starting the movement for a United World State that has no official language, religion, land, or race; that stops oppression wherever it sees it in the world, and whose sole purpose is to protect humans, nature, and animals. This movement – may it be a journalist, may it be a doctor, engineer, teacher, villager, farmer, worker, retired, or student – is a movement of global awakening in which people from all over the world, all colors, beliefs, cultures, and lifestyles came together and united to protect this world and in which they set aside their identities for the sake of such a sacred purpose. And those who participate in this creation would be high-grade people who struggle to live humanely in this global world and who believe in righteousness. Meaning a community of people that is more quality and more humanist, in which its religion, belief, cultural identity, or ethnic structure never precludes humanity, and which has completed its authenticity at this point. And if such a human community combines its strengths, it can change many things and dominate many areas.

The main point of the United World State is this: to form an alternative structure that will change the world and that will unite all of humanity as one. Our purpose at this point is not the destruction of states or cultures but rather to create a superstructure that enables their preservation and survival without their becoming enemies. Such that when this structure is mobilized in China, the struggle for humanity of the people there will in some way be a method of stimulation for the participation of the people in another country to participate in this struggle. This has not been realized in any of the formations that have been created or attempted until now, because all have been hate-filled structures that ostracize and marginalize each creation that does not conform to its own interests, and they have been unsuccessful for this reason. But there are many people in the world who struggle for humanity, for compassion and mercy, for animals, nature, and natural resources, for living humanely; who, even if they don’t struggle, take care to live virtuously but who have been passivized by the global powers. If these people unite, this state would grow from day to day and become a massive power. If we unite; reject the tools and methods they use to exploit us, their ideologies, weapons, education, and lifestyles, the format of history they interpret and expect us to believe, the companies, careers, and financial resources they established to legitimize their exploitation; and truly pass the resources they keep into the hands of humanity, we will have changed the entire system because we, the people, are the ones who amplify their resources and buy what they produce. Therefore, we are the ones who can say, “Stop!” to this order of exploitation.

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