Justice System

Justice system


Everyone who wishes may be a citizen of this state. Indeed, as of the moment they abandon terrorism, even a terrorist may become a citizen of the United World State. But as of the moment they break the rules of the state, for example, they become a United World State citizen and at the moment they meddle in any kind of terrorist activity, their citizenship will be revoked and won’t be able to benefit from any right of the United World State again.

In the United World State, nobody will be allowed to use issues like language, religion, race, sect, or political view as a tool for organization, conflict, or polarization. Whoever acts in violation of peace, fraternity, solidarity, and peace in this structure, overrides the rights of people, engages in activities that damage nature and the planet, will be removed from their UWS citizenship for a specific amount of time, based on the status of the crime, and will not be able to enter the system at any time during the period they are separated.

The same thing will be valid for all serious crimes committed against humanity, brotherhood, innocence, animals, and nature. In a situation like this, the perpetrators of the crime will be precluded from citizenship for a period of between one and twenty years, based on the severity of the crimes, and they will be deprived of all their rights in the United World State during this process.

On the other hand, let’s say it was determined that someone committed robbery in the system. Twice the value of the goods that were stolen will be deducted from the income at the United World State of the person who committed the robbery. The same thing will be valid for crimes of fraud.

Therefore, crimes will not be committed in this state. Instead, there will be no prison time and therefore no prisons. Only when one commits a crime will they be deprived of all rights in the United World State so that this will be a seriously persuasive factor.

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