How will the United World State be?

• The fundamental principles of the United World State (UWS) are; to protect humans, nature and animals, to prevent massacres prevalent in the world today, and to be shield against all systems oppressing us all. • The UWS will have a unique digital currency, and also businesses with public partnership, whereby not just a minority but everybody wins. • The power of sanction of the UWS will increase as the number of its citizens grows and will take stand against any form of cruelty. • As it will be a steady defender of human, nature and animal rights, the freedom of thought, speech and conscience, it will also lead pioneering innovations in the field of science and technology, and will be fighting for us to freely traveling in this blue globe that we all call home. • With a definitive language, the UWS will be against wars and will spend all its power on building a warless, armless world ruled by conscience and mind. In short, the UWS is a movement of transformation dominated by the digital, in which the structures possessed by the military forces can no longer intend to harm people’s goods, life or dignity, that works on technologies which will deactivate all existing guns, that defends the unity of human race against all systems devoid of compassion and mercy. Additionally, 60% of the UWS governance will consist of women. As a consequence, those who participate to this movement will be dignified people, aware that peace and justice are the building blocks of all values, whose identity and belonging do not preclude their humanity, and eventually who will build the new age.
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