Population Increases

We will get stronger as our numbers grow


Everybody would like a state that contains no land, that is collective, that grows richer without investing in land, that has digital markets and digital tools and investments in communication, that grows stronger as it makes money, and whose purpose is to facilitate peace. And in this way, as the number of UWS citizens grows with time, the power of this state to sanction, whose capital and influence will grow massively, will also grow. Proclamations will be issued to the countries that wish to start wars, when appropriate, and it will use sanctions to this effect.

For example, right now, let’s say there is a limited number of people who have applied for citizenship from Russia. Think five years down the road, think of the money that those who joined the United World State earned, this number will rise to hundreds of thousands or even millions. Then we may sit down with the President of Russia and make all kinds of arrangements. Similarly, when we have 3 million citizens or people who participate in the struggle in America, we can sit down with the American government and sign the agreement we want. Even if other states won’t acknowledge it, but this state will come to such a point, growing and growing, that all other states will be forced to acknowledge it, because states have to approve all structures that its citizens approve. The reason for the existence of states is their rights.

As the United World State grows, it will gain the ability to be able to organize movements. Let’s say there are 3 million citizens of the United World State in America. When there is an incident, all of them will protest to defend their rights. Ultimately, because this will be a global state, there will be citizens coming from all over the world. Let’s say there are 500.000 Palestinian citizens; we won’t refer to the United Nations when Israel or another country harms a Palestinian person who is a citizen of the United World State. Instead, we will implement all kinds of sanctions in the international arena with our own initiatives and will protect the rights of our citizen by activating all our citizens. Or let’s say England engages in a practice against the citizens of this state in Africa. We will broadcast a notification, for example, and protests will begin simultaneously all over the world. We are talking about something very active here, not about a structure like the others were everyone gathers around the table, looks in each other’s pockets, and where no result emerges, we are talking about a structure in which citizens themselves will come and intervene. In this respect, no state will be able to oppress and victimize the citizens of the United World State as it pleases.

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