Monetary System

Monetary system


Millions of people from all corners of the world will join the UWS, and if they are its citizen, this state will transform into a massive power. But the UWS will have currency needs, because the most influential power in the world right now is money.

For example, a new tool has been developed in response to the types of currency that exist today, digital money called “crypto”. As we know from the example of Bitcoin, even if international capital hadn’t accepted Bitcoin as an official unit of currency at first, together with Bitcoin gaining more value each and every day, with millions of people today making investments, and with the value of one Bitcoin exceeding 10 thousand dollars, most large states have been forced to officially accept it. We are talking here about a digital value that can gain a value of 1,500 dollars in a single day. But what is Bitcoin? It is a digital currency. But because it gains value, being demanded more and more with each passing day, many countries have been forced to acknowledge it.

So in the United World State that we will form, we will have a digital unit of currency that primarily our citizens will use whose value increases as it goes; and all the commercial activities of this state will be carried out over this centralized unit of currency. In this process, the citizens of the United World State will form centralized fields of business. For example, centralized stock industries, factories, media and printing institutions, banks, digital education systems, and digital universities will be established; and the UWS will be the supporter of this. That is to say, may it be either a market shop, a massive technology factory, a hospital, or a space exploration center, citizens of the United World State will have a share in everything established within the constitution of the UWS. Therefore, this will be a centralized model of a state that develops together with collaborative business spaces, that has joint industries, factories, and technologies, that has tangible investments, and that everyone – not just a minority – will attain.

Websites will be established for example, and everybody will go and shop from there. Or a new market chain will be opened with public collaboration, and the citizens of this state will be able to shop from there at a discount. Similarly, everywhere that a product that emerges from the factories in the constitution of the UWS is presented to the world market, that product will be discounted for citizens of the United World State. Therefore, serious conveniences will have been provided to our own citizens.

The initiatives and agreements of all jointly shared companies that the citizens of the United World State will establish by ensuring collaboration will be provided from a digital platform, and at each stage, it will be visible to all citizens of the United World State. At this phase, a certain stock quota will be specified based on the conditions of cooperation (at minimum and maximum values), and everyone who wishes, by means of not surpassing that quota, will be able to take partnership in that company in the desired scale. In this way, a company that at one point has nothing can become a company with millions of dollars in capital, with modern expressions.

This is the integration and the unification of global capital and at the same time global intellect. But today, someone comes and forms a pharmaceutical company; we have to get our medications from there. They form an oil company, and we have to procure our oil from there. They form a food company, and we have to supply our food from there. We are not at a point today where we will rise up by ourselves and tackle the food sector. But if we come together as 50, 100, or 500 million people, we can establish a structure as an alternative to this. Why? Because if 300 million people each give a lira (or a Dollar, Euro, Yen, Pound, etc. based on the currency of their country), it would make 300 million liras. If each person shops from the place of which they are a shareholder, this state will attain a strength of billions of dollars within a year. Because nobody would go and purchase from anywhere else, they would purchase from the company they established. If they buy from the company they themselves established, the system of the others will collapse because it won’t see the necessary demand. This is like this. Ultimately, no system grows on its own; it comes and exploits us. If we build a barrier within this exploitation, say, “May it not feed off us, not exploit us,” and if our numbers grow, all these systems will be forced to collapse within a few years.

There is no need for land, for responsibility, or for a struggle for this. The world, from now on, is within technology, in our pockets, in our hands, everywhere. We will establish digital companies as a provision to the real ones. The only thing we need for this is the participation of the citizens of the United World State. And the only condition of this will be to benefit from the collectively founded companies and to use this joint currency. Should we do this, the currency of the United World State will soon become the most valuable currency in the world.

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