Together with the United World State, the understanding of management will lie beyond concrete walls and pass into a digital process. In this process, there will be parliaments in each region of the World in the United World State (North America, South America, Europe, the Caucasus, Asia, Northeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the Pacific, etc.) that work dependent on the main parliament, and all decisions will be made in digital parliaments rather than fixed structures, based on preference in accordance with the system of digital governing.

The president of the United World State will be elected every five years. Just as is typical today, citizens will vote, they will enter their password in an online setting, and vote. There will be candidates for this and, without regard to their profession, nationality, age, gender, or belief, everybody who is a citizen of the United World State and who is chosen from the regional parliaments can be presented for the candidacy.

Similarly, this state will have a vice president, and it will also have a legal system, ministries, members of parliament, spokespeople, journalists, and diplomats.

The United World State won’t have land, but in each term will establish a capital in a country in the states that recognize it after reaching a certain stage. For example, one term the capital will be Istanbul, one term it’s New York, one term it’s Sydney, one term it’s Moscow, and so on. There will be ambassadors in all of the states that have acknowledged.

The United World State will have a digital intelligence. Meaning that we will establish an intelligence center in a digital setting, and with one click, all citizens will be able to enter information into the system. For example, which state is trying to do what? Which state is trying to cut down which tree and where? Which state is fighting where? Which bays is it destroying, how much is it harming the environment? Which state is engaging in the wrong actions? All of these will be visible, and we will distribute this to the global public.

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