“Manifesto for a new age”



We are going through a process in which we, as humanity, are being crushed by greed, lies, plots, shamelessness, and cruelty, and where treachery reigns. No matter where we turn, wars are being carried out under the direction of global corporations, the blood of innocents is being spilled, genocide, and migrations are prevalent. While our planet is stage to perhaps the most austere and brutal exploitation of existence yet, neither the United Nations nor the European Union is averting any of this chaos, this bloodshed, because none of them focus on humans, the actual factor that might avert these; they are always focused on systems. These systems that global capital has pioneered, however, are in pursuit of greater consolidation, of further exploitation, and of more war. This is dragging our world into a predicament that is constantly getting worse.

Today, we are face to face with elements that are ripping apart the human race, fragmenting our global world. Be it in the Middle East, Afrika or in the Balkans, there is war everywhere. In the world today, communities of people are being used, primarily by developed nations like America; a human community that quickly earns, quickly consumes, that is anaesthetized with television or social media, that is fattened up with fast food and that is joined together without being aware of this flowing blood. We’re looking at the Arabian Peninsula; the human race is being exploited in the hands of certain classes, kings and sheikhs, innocence and beauty are being destroyed. We’re looking at Africa; almost the entire continent has come under the influence of famine, poverty, and massacres.

In fact, the world is anymore passing into a period of intellect. Humanity, not to worry about how it will fill up its belly, we are entering into an age where it needs to hunt down how it will design the future. Despite this, capitalist and imperialist systems are coming and savagely dividing the world, at the orders of corporations, with the states with whom they are cooperating, to be able to further exploit the world; humans are regarding one another as enemies and are leading to divisions along the axes of race, religion, and belief. Today, even while heads of states are showing off their powers to one another, they are threatening to annihilate other countries with the weapons they possess. It is humanity to come face to face with a threat and danger such as this.

But this era is over. From now on, humanity is entering into a process in which it will explore the depths of space, where it will surpass its own limitations and reach the highest point of its potential. From now on, the time has come for humanity to be in unity by cleansing itself of discrimination, for it to protect its own life, and for it to eradicate the life-threatening rodents from their bodies who damage nature only to increase its own wealth in different regions of the world, who pierce the ozone layer, who carry out massacres. From now on, humanity must unite. For this, it must pursue through different means a satisfaction of this feeling that it slaughtered the dissatisfaction it used until today at the wrong points and the humanity for the sake of goods, property, and greed, that it killed innocents, that it destroyed nature, animals, and underground resources but was somehow unable to satisfy.

Yes, as humankind, we are all insatiable, but now, this insatiability of ours is past its sell-by date. Humanity is screaming out, saying, “Enough!” Can we eliminate this insatiability? We can’t; it is an insatiability, and whatever we do, it will continue to exist inside us in some capacity, gnawing at us. We can, however change the shape of this insatiability. For example, we can build insatiability on love. We can use this insatiability not to make war, but to make peace. We can enter a race, not to destroy but to create; to animate nature, to establish good relations with each other, to act honestly, to obtain true gains; and we can encourage one another in this direction. And thus, we can use this insatiability that we are unable to eliminate and that we used negatively until today, this burden the world can no longer lift, to completely channel this in a positive direction.

We are starting a movement to activate a mean and method for this on the Earth. Our next goal after this will be to materialize a formula of how we can more positively use this insatiability. We will end this cruelty that terrorizes our world before we unite as humanity. We must know why we have to unite at this point. It’s not possible for us to escape this dilemma we find ourselves in by any other means.


Why should we unite?


Actually, the world is under the effect of global capital. It only occurs from amassed structures by the governments and systems that global capital determines as a form of management. But none of these formations have been able to provide a significant value to the world. For example, it hasn’t been seen that the United Nations has stopped or been able to prevent any kind of war until today. On the other hand, the military alliance NATO never engages in anything other than serving its member countries and shaping its decisions based on the benefits of these countries, which global powers dominate; because these structures serve not humanity but imperialist and capitalist powers, and their bloody goals.

This situation is not an issue of only international organizations like the United Nations and NATO. Actually, all governing in the world are under the control of the global powers, and these powers are in a position of having long established secret states in the countries they control. For example, they put the dollar on the market, and the whole world uses the dollar. As soon as it goes against their interests they intervene in the market, they topple governments, and they prop up new governments in their place. When there are governing that don’t serve their purposes, they stage or attempt coups. This situation has always continued in all states with whom they don’t share a nationality, belief, or perspective. Therefore, the idea to come to power and lead a country today consists of a massive lie, because no matter which government one comes to lead, because not the military, not the judicial units and not any other elements will be dependent on them, at no point will 100 percent of the country’s governing enter into their care; it will continue to be directed under the control of these global powers.

We must at this point turn back and look at history so that we may understand the real objectives of the foci of global capital. The structure that we call the foci of global capital is actually a capitalist and imperialist creation that the elit barons of companies who form the tip of the top of the pyramid spearhead and that dominates international politics. By uniting this formation, the episode of becoming an effective power in the world relies on the Paris Peace Conference organized 100 years ago, in January 1919. No matter how much this conference has the characteristics of being a peace conference arranged between the party states that participated in the First World War, those who came together at this conference were convinced that from that point on, global corporations had to rule the world and formed, for this purpose, an organization under the name of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in New York on the date of July 21, 1921. The organization, which entered into a process of growth in 1927, during its hundred-year span lasting until today, has gained from the wars whose wicks it lit behind closed doors, from the weapons and ammunition that it had produced to be used in these wars, and, therefore, from the innocent blood lost as a result of its crude creations. Fossil fuels and related industries, drugs, weapons, and pharmaceutical capital are also among the long-term profits of this organization. On the other hand, the architect of so-called wars of democracy that tyrannized the Middle East were always the barons of companies that united under the umbrella of this organization and the states under their guidance.

Today, this formation wants to bring out war in the world. For this, they produced massive weapons, chemical weapons. They aim for two things with these weapons. The first is to reduce the human race; the second is to strengthen global corporations while reducing the human race. Because as they sell weapons and drugs, they make money, and like this, these corporations will have become fifty, a hundred, even a thousand times richer from the current conditions. It will weaken the human race by this means and will insert it into an area where it may exploit it within technological, psychological, sociological, and interactive processes with the capital it obtains from these crude governing of exploitation. Their goals for this is to divide the world into as many countries as they are able to. The reason? Because each division will bring about war, so that this means a massive profit for global capital. For example, they will gain from the network web. They will later produce new weapons and again gain from this. While constructing this and while establishing the technical infrastructure, they will still make money. Meaning they will both decrease the number of humans and will continue to make money as they divide countries.

The barons of the New World Order are not in a situation of having gained control of the world as they wish, because the people of the world are still in cooperation. Because division has not been sufficiently provided, there is, in front of them, a mechanism that leads to hesitation and division in their systems. And they are in pursuit of eliminating this mechanism. While doing this, they will implement a severe policy of exploitation. For example, they will establish a new world in which there are hundreds of states and models of life in the Middle East, and they will make these small states entirely reliant on them, by demonstrating as if there is a threat at any moment for one another. They will establish sectarian states, for example, and they will then establish terror states in order to be able to control them. While doing this, they will use whatever they can for change in the internal structures of these countries; they will say, “Freedoms of language, belief, culture; freedoms of history, ownership, and race;” under the guise of “We are bringing democracy and freedom to the world!” they will enable this division and fragmentation, and each fragmentation will lead to the deaths of millions of people. If that isn’t enough, they will produce new diseases, viruses whose names we’ve never heard, and lead to mass casualties. And like this, by bringing the population of the world under control, they will both bring about a prominent system of slavery (a system of a more distinguished, more productive, and more hardworking herd of modern slaves̵) by which they will force the acceptance of modern serfdom, and add to their riches.

Actually, the objective of this elite class is to bring about the Third World War. However, this war that they want to break out is not just a Third World War, they are anticipating bringing about a war in every region of the world and thus establishing little states, maybe close to a thousand, in the world. This means that they will easily be able to control the world, and they are planning to do this through local companies that transfer money to the main companies and that win themselves.

Of course, this is their plan. This is the dream of a group that sees humans so pathetic as to think that the entire world needs to enter into the service of a rich, elite class but that is actually, itself, pathetic. This is the dream of a simple class that, in order to run the world, is fed by blood, gunpowder, and heroin and that reduces itself enough to reap profits of human organs. Yet, this simple class will try everything to earn more. But we can stop them. We can destroy all of these inhuman systems that are imposed upon us. This strength, capacity, and independent spirit is present in the disposition of the human race. Just think, if the resources in the hands of this elite group were in the hands of the people, they could have lived much more happily, serenely, and peacefully, and have made the world a much better place. But no one can do this right now, because the resources are in the hands of a minority. And this minority is in a position of having turned each of the resources that have been strewn across the Earth for all of our collective use and turned them against its own race – against us.

That is why this is not just a problem for one of us, this is a problem for all of us. This is the problem of the citizen living in America, the problem of the citizen dependent on the Chinese government, the problem of a Muslim, of a Christian, of a Jew, of a Buddhist, and of an atheist. This is the collective problem of all races, beliefs, and cultures and all nature and life; this is the issue of all these.

From now on, we have to be smart, because we are people. Their purpose is to establish a unilaterally governed global structure that they call the New World Order and to pioneer a war, the likes of which hasn’t been seen in history to this end. Ultimately when this war breaks out, the most profitable elements of this system in which we reveal our lives and our property will again be the capitalists and the imperialists. Even if we fight, even if we supposedly move this war forward in the name of our beliefs, these systems that still grow stronger will remain as long as this order does not change.

For this, we must break the structure of these global powers in the world. These systems are the oppression of all people, and it is our duty to eliminate this oppression. That’s why humanity must unite and coalesce in an instant. If we coalesce, we’ll destroy these systems. If we coalesce, we’ll render those atomic, helium, and cluster bombs ineffective. Because we are the greatest power. If we wish, we can destroy and pass beyond these systems. The only way for us to do this is to form an entirely new world state with its own currency, in which we ourselves will develop areas of consumption by standing shoulder to shoulder as humans, independent from the systems that they established and enslaved us; and to unite the people who want to be a part of it, from all over the world, under the umbrella of this state.

We are not talking about the United Nations, NATO, or a similar structure. The United Nations is not a state, it is a structure that came about as a result of united governments and is actually only conjectural. NATO is a structure that occurred as a result of military cooperation and that enters into the military cooperation of countries. Neither NATO, the United Nations, nor the European Union, not one of these is a state; they are structures formed from the united governments and armies of various countries. The system we are talking here is a system created with people. And a system created with people is always stronger.

But if we form this in a specific region whose borders are drawn, we won’t even be able to take one step forward. This was tried numerous times in the world and never came to be. Indeed, even if many world leaders had wanted to create a world state, none of them were able to succeed in this goal. Neither Alexander the Great, nor Atilla, neither Genghis Khan, or Timur, neither Napoleon, nor any other; none of them were able to unite the world under the roof of a single state because all of them tried to make sovereign in the world the soil, the beliefs, and the cultures they themselves were born into, and they tried to do this by acquiring land. Yet, the world is not a place that can be dominated by acquiring land or by spilling blood. For example, there are, right now, three different Abrahamic religions and various beliefs active around the world. The possibility for all of these beliefs to gather under one single belief is zero. Similarly, the possibility for gathering all cultures under one culture, for gathering all languages under one language is also zero. The possibility for the whole world to enter into the sovereignty of lands that one race possesses is, again, zero. But if a state is to be created that has no land, no official language, religion, race or sect; that has citizens from everywhere and every segment of the world; that acts for peace and not for war; and that will awaken a new age for humanity; all of humanity will flock to it. And like this, an upper structure can preclude wars.

The only reason right now that the wars on Earth are not stopping is because there is still a perception of land in the logic of humanity. Because of this, the movement capability of humanity has been jammed and remained in a narrow space on an axis of race, flag, and belief. But if we form a united world state without land and therefore without borders, and if this state grows stronger, nobody would any longer feel the need to battle for land, everyone’s purpose would be to be within freedom, peace, and security. And a state like this would be the proof that another world can be possible for all of humanity.

And we set out for this purpose. We set out with a dream of a happy, peaceful, and safe world that will fraternally unite humanity, that will draw the line on all systems that are exploiting us with iron fists, that will aggrandize humanity and existence, and that will carry humanity into a new age at the point of respect for the planet, of science and knowledge; and in order to realize our dream, we are starting the movement for a United World State that has no official language, religion, land, or race; that stops oppression wherever it sees it in the world, and whose sole purpose is to protect humans, nature, and animals. This movement – may it be a journalist, may it be a doctor, engineer, teacher, villager, farmer, worker, retired, or student – is a movement of global awakening in which people from all over the world, all colors, beliefs, cultures, and lifestyles came together and united to protect this world and in which they set aside their identities for the sake of such a sacred purpose. And those who participate in this creation would be high-grade people who struggle to live humanely in this global world and who believe in righteousness. Meaning a community of people that is more quality and more humanist, in which its religion, belief, cultural identity, or ethnic structure never precludes humanity, and which has completed its authenticity at this point. And if such a human community combines its strengths, it can change many things and dominate many areas.

The main point of the United World State is this: to form an alternative structure that will change the world and that will unite all of humanity as one. Our purpose at this point is not the destruction of states or cultures but rather to create a superstructure that enables their preservation and survival without their becoming enemies. Such that when this structure is mobilized in China, the struggle for humanity of the people there will in some way be a method of stimulation for the participation of the people in another country to participate in this struggle. This has not been realized in any of the formations that have been created or attempted until now, because all have been hate-filled structures that ostracize and marginalize each creation that does not conform to its own interests, and they have been unsuccessful for this reason. But there are many people in the world who struggle for humanity, for compassion and mercy, for animals, nature, and natural resources, for living humanely; who, even if they don’t struggle, take care to live virtuously but who have been passivized by the global powers. If these people unite, this state would grow from day to day and become a massive power. If we unite; reject the tools and methods they use to exploit us, their ideologies, weapons, education, and lifestyles, the format of history they interpret and expect us to believe, the companies, careers, and financial resources they established to legitimize their exploitation; and truly pass the resources they keep into the hands of humanity, we will have changed the entire system because we, the people, are the ones who amplify their resources and buy what they produce. Therefore, we are the ones who can say, “Stop!” to this order of exploitation.


How will the United World State be?


The United World State (UWS) will be a defensive and protective structure that has no land, that harbors all kinds of people, in which all people on Earth will be able to become citizens regardless of language, religion, and race, and in which humans will protect humans.

Just as the UWS will have no official language, religion, race or belief, it will be a structure in which all world languages will be valid.

The UWS will have principles, purposes, and a constitution. It will defend people, nature, and the rights of animals, and it will struggle to protect the lives of these three at all costs.

The UWS will defend the superiority of law and justice, it will stand against all things that harm the health of people and the environment, it will make the world liveable, and will preclude pollution.

The UWS will be against wars with a definitive language and will intervene to facilitate peace. Wherever in the world it sees oppression, it will stand up and unite people. Therefore, it can be each unit of this state by means of providing support to people from all over the world in a manner in which the statutes and rules are equally valid for everyone, and peace from this; to the intellectual, mental, and conscientious changing of the human race; to justice; to equality; and to solidarity; and by means of acting in cooperation in line with this objective.

The UWS will eliminate pressure and division created over religion, language, and race. Whichever belief someone prefers or whichever opinion or identity someone adopts, no one will be put into a different category because of their beliefs, colours, identity or belonging, and those who do this will be identified and distanced from the system.

Each person who joins this state will be a dual citizen. Along with citizenship in their own country, they will be citizens of the United World State and will have a passport. In this respect, they will be able to travel to whichever countries have acknowledged the UWS.


Monetary system


Millions of people from all corners of the world will join the UWS, and if they are its citizen, this state will transform into a massive power. But the UWS will have currency needs, because the most influential power in the world right now is money.

For example, a new tool has been developed in response to the types of currency that exist today, digital money called “crypto”. As we know from the example of Bitcoin, even if international capital hadn’t accepted Bitcoin as an official unit of currency at first, together with Bitcoin gaining more value each and every day, with millions of people today making investments, and with the value of one Bitcoin exceeding 10 thousand dollars, most large states have been forced to officially accept it. We are talking here about a digital value that can gain a value of 1,500 dollars in a single day. But what is Bitcoin? It is a digital currency. But because it gains value, being demanded more and more with each passing day, many countries have been forced to acknowledge it.

So in the United World State that we will form, we will have a digital unit of currency that primarily our citizens will use whose value increases as it goes; and all the commercial activities of this state will be carried out over this centralized unit of currency. In this process, the citizens of the United World State will form centralized fields of business. For example, centralized stock industries, factories, media and printing institutions, banks, digital education systems, and digital universities will be established; and the UWS will be the supporter of this. That is to say, may it be either a market shop, a massive technology factory, a hospital, or a space exploration center, citizens of the United World State will have a share in everything established within the constitution of the UWS. Therefore, this will be a centralized model of a state that develops together with collaborative business spaces, that has joint industries, factories, and technologies, that has tangible investments, and that everyone – not just a minority – will attain.

Websites will be established for example, and everybody will go and shop from there. Or a new market chain will be opened with public collaboration, and the citizens of this state will be able to shop from there at a discount. Similarly, everywhere that a product that emerges from the factories in the constitution of the UWS is presented to the world market, that product will be discounted for citizens of the United World State. Therefore, serious conveniences will have been provided to our own citizens.

The initiatives and agreements of all jointly shared companies that the citizens of the United World State will establish by ensuring collaboration will be provided from a digital platform, and at each stage, it will be visible to all citizens of the United World State. At this phase, a certain stock quota will be specified based on the conditions of cooperation (at minimum and maximum values), and everyone who wishes, by means of not surpassing that quota, will be able to take partnership in that company in the desired scale. In this way, a company that at one point has nothing can become a company with millions of dollars in capital, with modern expressions.

This is the integration and the unification of global capital and at the same time global intellect. But today, someone comes and forms a pharmaceutical company; we have to get our medications from there. They form an oil company, and we have to procure our oil from there. They form a food company, and we have to supply our food from there. We are not at a point today where we will rise up by ourselves and tackle the food sector. But if we come together as 50, 100, or 500 million people, we can establish a structure as an alternative to this. Why? Because if 300 million people each give a lira (or a Dollar, Euro, Yen, Pound, etc. based on the currency of their country), it would make 300 million liras. If each person shops from the place of which they are a shareholder, this state will attain a strength of billions of dollars within a year. Because nobody would go and purchase from anywhere else, they would purchase from the company they established. If they buy from the company they themselves established, the system of the others will collapse because it won’t see the necessary demand. This is like this. Ultimately, no system grows on its own; it comes and exploits us. If we build a barrier within this exploitation, say, “May it not feed off us, not exploit us,” and if our numbers grow, all these systems will be forced to collapse within a few years.

There is no need for land, for responsibility, or for a struggle for this. The world, from now on, is within technology, in our pockets, in our hands, everywhere. We will establish digital companies as a provision to the real ones. The only thing we need for this is the participation of the citizens of the United World State. And the only condition of this will be to benefit from the collectively founded companies and to use this joint currency. Should we do this, the currency of the United World State will soon become the most valuable currency in the world.


We will get stronger as our numbers grow


Everybody would like a state that contains no land, that is collective, that grows richer without investing in land, that has digital markets and digital tools and investments in communication, that grows stronger as it makes money, and whose purpose is to facilitate peace. And in this way, as the number of UWS citizens grows with time, the power of this state to sanction, whose capital and influence will grow massively, will also grow. Proclamations will be issued to the countries that wish to start wars, when appropriate, and it will use sanctions to this effect.

For example, right now, let’s say there is a limited number of people who have applied for citizenship from Russia. Think five years down the road, think of the money that those who joined the United World State earned, this number will rise to hundreds of thousands or even millions. Then we may sit down with the President of Russia and make all kinds of arrangements. Similarly, when we have 3 million citizens or people who participate in the struggle in America, we can sit down with the American government and sign the agreement we want. Even if other states won’t acknowledge it, but this state will come to such a point, growing and growing, that all other states will be forced to acknowledge it, because states have to approve all structures that its citizens approve. The reason for the existence of states is their rights.

As the United World State grows, it will gain the ability to be able to organize movements. Let’s say there are 3 million citizens of the United World State in America. When there is an incident, all of them will protest to defend their rights. Ultimately, because this will be a global state, there will be citizens coming from all over the world. Let’s say there are 500.000 Palestinian citizens; we won’t refer to the United Nations when Israel or another country harms a Palestinian person who is a citizen of the United World State. Instead, we will implement all kinds of sanctions in the international arena with our own initiatives and will protect the rights of our citizen by activating all our citizens. Or let’s say England engages in a practice against the citizens of this state in Africa. We will broadcast a notification, for example, and protests will begin simultaneously all over the world. We are talking about something very active here, not about a structure like the others were everyone gathers around the table, looks in each other’s pockets, and where no result emerges, we are talking about a structure in which citizens themselves will come and intervene. In this respect, no state will be able to oppress and victimize the citizens of the United World State as it pleases.


The right of the freedom of movement


The world is anymore within technology. The borders in which people are found no longer interest them, everybody is in the care of freedom. And this state will be the provision of these freedoms. We have the right to go where we wish within the process with which we came to this world. We won’t need land or an official procedure to act freely on Earth. The only thing we need for this is to increase the number of our citizens. When we reach a sufficient number, we will have the freedom to travel without visas to many regions of the world, starting with Europe and America.


Justice system


Everyone who wishes may be a citizen of this state. Indeed, as of the moment they abandon terrorism, even a terrorist may become a citizen of the United World State. But as of the moment they break the rules of the state, for example, they become a United World State citizen and at the moment they meddle in any kind of terrorist activity, their citizenship will be revoked and won’t be able to benefit from any right of the United World State again.

In the United World State, nobody will be allowed to use issues like language, religion, race, sect, or political view as a tool for organization, conflict, or polarization. Whoever acts in violation of peace, fraternity, solidarity, and peace in this structure, overrides the rights of people, engages in activities that damage nature and the planet, will be removed from their UWS citizenship for a specific amount of time, based on the status of the crime, and will not be able to enter the system at any time during the period they are separated.

The same thing will be valid for all serious crimes committed against humanity, brotherhood, innocence, animals, and nature. In a situation like this, the perpetrators of the crime will be precluded from citizenship for a period of between one and twenty years, based on the severity of the crimes, and they will be deprived of all their rights in the United World State during this process.

On the other hand, let’s say it was determined that someone committed robbery in the system. Twice the value of the goods that were stolen will be deducted from the income at the United World State of the person who committed the robbery. The same thing will be valid for crimes of fraud.

Therefore, crimes will not be committed in this state. Instead, there will be no prison time and therefore no prisons. Only when one commits a crime will they be deprived of all rights in the United World State so that this will be a seriously persuasive factor.




Together with the United World State, the understanding of management will lie beyond concrete walls and pass into a digital process. In this process, there will be parliaments in each region of the World in the United World State (North America, South America, Europe, the Caucasus, Asia, Northeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the Pacific, etc.) that work dependent on the main parliament, and all decisions will be made in digital parliaments rather than fixed structures, based on preference in accordance with the system of digital governing.

The president of the United World State will be elected every five years. Just as is typical today, citizens will vote, they will enter their password in an online setting, and vote. There will be candidates for this and, without regard to their profession, nationality, age, gender, or belief, everybody who is a citizen of the United World State and who is chosen from the regional parliaments can be presented for the candidacy.

Similarly, this state will have a vice president, and it will also have a legal system, ministries, members of parliament, spokespeople, journalists, and diplomats.

The United World State won’t have land, but in each term will establish a capital in a country in the states that recognize it after reaching a certain stage. For example, one term the capital will be Istanbul, one term it’s New York, one term it’s Sydney, one term it’s Moscow, and so on. There will be ambassadors in all of the states that have acknowledged.

The United World State will have a digital intelligence. Meaning that we will establish an intelligence center in a digital setting, and with one click, all citizens will be able to enter information into the system. For example, which state is trying to do what? Which state is trying to cut down which tree and where? Which state is fighting where? Which bays is it destroying, how much is it harming the environment? Which state is engaging in the wrong actions? All of these will be visible, and we will distribute this to the global public.


Defense Industry


Today, the total annual expenditure being spent in the weapons industry, including official and nuclear, around the world has reached 1.7 trillion dollars. Together with unofficial expenses, this number continues to increase. The most difficult segment of the job is this massive cost, which is being spent in the name of spilling the blood of tens of innocents, performing massacres, and forcing people to leave their homes into being a refugee in nations where they are foreigners, leaving each of our pockets as citizens. Meaning, we all have a share, actually, in the spilled blood of each innocent, because we are the ones who authorize governments to do these and finance this with taxes. It is a condition for us to now break this wheel for this. But it is not possible for us to succeed with the governing of the existing system. We need “intelligent” solutions. If we unite and spend this massive cost, which is being spent to kill our own race, in order to develop systems of defence that protect human life, animal life, and our planet and to construct a brand new world through these means in which there are no wars, hunger won’t remain on Earth and peace and prosperity will dominate everywhere.

And we are aiming for this in the field of defence. For this, we will develop technologies for the purpose of “defence” in the true meaning, directed towards protecting the human race as the United World State and stopping the bloodshed. For this goal, we will have a military power and a defence industry only for the purpose of defence to be able to protect our citizens under danger and threat. This industry to be established within the constitution of the United World State will work over defence technologies to render all kinds of weapons and malicious inventions ineffective. For example, when an atomic bomb or hydrogen bomb is dropped, it will work over defence technologies that prevent the destruction of the bomb. Similarly, it will work over technologies that render bullets and mines ineffective, and these will be presented for use by the public. Thus, nobody who is a citizen of the United World State, even in the most solitary corner of the world, will be left alone and will be protected.


Towards a digital world


Science for us is a science adapted to the human system before everything, that facilitates human life and protects nature and all species. In order for science to be able to develop at this point, we are going to pass to a process in which the digital is more dominant. We will create new fields of business with which we will evaluate human potential that may face the system together with this digitalization. While passing into a more interactive age within the new fields that we will form in the digital spaces we will create, we will establish international digital platforms in which humanity may more comfortably receive an education, from which social services may be utilized, or job tracking may be done. And thus, we will both have moved into a process in which the energy of humanity will be able to be used more efficiently and have precluded the waste of time and resources.


The art sector and social life


We are going to bring to life revolutionary projects in the cinema and art sectors in the United World State. We will make all art accessible and universal. For example, when a digital theatre production is performed, everyone who wishes, no matter where they are in the world, may simultaneously watch it with subtitles. Therefore, we will carry art into an interactive platform and we will develop technologies based on this.

Therefore, from now on, interactive celebrities, politicians, doctors, and scientists will be transferred, and everything will occur in this field. In this respect, all people within the system will be able to find work. For example, even psychological counsellors will be transferred into a digital system, and digital advisors will thus have presented a more effective service at a lower cost.


All of the things we counted are only a few of the innovations we envisage doing. The United World State is not just a state but a digital key of passage for the door that will carry humanity into a more enlightened age. Humanity has been preoccupied for longer than necessary with a crude manifestation of tyranny that violates the disposition of the human intellect and a crude creation that is a reflection of this. The time has come for us to pass into a process in which we discover the other side of the universe, where we test the limits of our intellect, where we challenge gravity, and where we discover our own potential. We must unite for this and challenge the fraudulent and virtual system the tyrants have imposed on us with the strength of our intellect, our spirit, and our morals.

If we truly want to live humanely as humanity and stop this slaughter, no system less problematic, more peaceful, and easier than we are explaining has yet been suggested on the face of the Earth. If we unite, quit purchasing what they produce, and begin purchasing the resources of our own production, we will have soon established a system that is better, more ecological, peaceful, participative, and productive than what they produced. There is no need for us to battle. The only thing we have to do for this is to be a person of this state, and, if we wish, to be a shareholder in the businesses that all of us will take in partnership and profit as it consumes. If we unite as humanity, this system will quickly be propagated. Who knows, maybe in 20 or 30 years, 80 or 90 percent of the world will be united under this. Then, nobody will be able to have a free hand. Because the purpose for the foundation of this state is peace, and no state will be able to stand against this as long as its citizens are members.


Our beliefs concern us!


This is what the existing systems always want: the formation of religious or ethnic groups, the creation of nationalism against this, and to bloodthirstily exploit by dividing the world like this. They are again the ones who are growing stronger as a result of this. They have taken aim at those from whichever religion they do not want and later massacred them with weapons of mass destruction; forced them to migrate and made them targets for organ and human trafficking. They did this in order to make the truths they believe dominant throughout the world, and they made this belief a front of exploitation.

Today, all beliefs have been distanced from reality, and each has been turned into a corporate company that makes money by this means, that exploits the souls of humans, and that turns humans against one another by distancing them from the phenomenon of being human. For example, Christianity is today a company, an organized structure. Judaism is the same; it is trying to be surrendered to a Zionism that is being turned into a corporate structure that leads to slaughter using the sincere beliefs of the Jewish people, that feeds off violence, and that is most damaging Judaism as a result. Islam, however, is trying to be transformed into a crude structure that butchers the masses with ISIS and similar organizations that have no relation to Islam, that separates by dividing them into sects, and that exploits people to their souls with fellowship. All of these are a betrayal that has been committed against humanity; it is the exploitation of humanity under the mask of belief! Each person’s belief is only an issue that interests themselves. To oppress a person because of their belief, to marginalize them, to despise or kill them is oppression being forced upon all of humanity and thus is a crime against humanity.

This state will be the antidote for these diseases, massacres, false ideals and ideologies, and all these systematic flaws. This state will stand against this broken order that has until now slaughtered the life, property, genuine beliefs, and dignity of humanity, will reject these, and will ensure the unity of the human race. From the body of the human race, each of us will eradicate, one by one, all these diseases that see and gnaw at us like animals. If we don’t believe in it, nobody will believe in it. If we don’t start this movement today, we will never take action. The process has begun. We will not fear the national states that maintain command within this process or the imperialist and capitalist leeches; we will never fall frail against them! Finally, we are living off these systems. They are here because of us. They are standing because we allowed them to consume our strength, because we bowed down and made no noise, because we cringed and went silent. They are this effective because we prefer ignorance and because we turned this structure into a system that serves destruction. But from now on we will not allow this. We will remember that we are humans and will not bury these morals deep in the stage of history!


We will either be one or each be a slave!


Here, we are building the foundation of this state, the United World State, a massive power that will stand against this oppression. We are creating the shield of this destruction and cruelty, against wars that were started against the human race. We will not be afraid and will never fall into dismay! But if we unite, we can say, “Stop!” to this rebellious order imposed upon us, and we can save our planet from the hands of evil. But if we unite, we can strengthen the truth. The time for impartiality is over. Everyone is a side, either on the side of right or on the side of wrong. If on the side of right, they will not remain silent in the face of this call, they will announce it, and they set sail on a new journey with us as a soldier of this battle.

May there be ten people, if the supporters of truth want; this movement is going to proliferate the moment it begins. This is a revolutionary movement. This is a movement of abandoning seeing our beliefs each as elements of enmity, and to say, “Stop!” to a system of the merciless relentlessly massacring innocents. This is a movement to be human; a movement to protect animals, nature, and the planet, to trample down the under our feet the parasites trying to use us like slaves. Either you will walk with us on this road and will be an illuminator of this issue, or you will be enslaved as you go with the existing systems. We will either be a sacrifice to ignorance, or we will trample ignorance beneath our feet. We will either live like animals or each live like a slave.

We know that if those who don’t submit to slavery, and those who challenge this oppression unite, they will say “Stop!” to this system. And be sure that they will win! Even if they don’t win today, they will win in five years; even if they don’t win in five years, they will win in ten years. Even if they know they will die they will win!

We are not afraid of this! Because we believe in what is right. We believe in the unification of the human race, not in the stone walls of temples. We believe in the hearts; in love, in innocence, and in compassion. Because what really matters are people, not temples. Temples are for serving people, people are not for serving temples. And all temples are in the hearts of people; in the cage of these hearts, not the other way around!

But they have distanced us from our humanity. They have jammed us into stone walls and symbols, and they have condemned us to this. Not when we ourselves were attacked but when those symbols were attacked, we thought they were sacred and fought for them. In fact, it was us that was sacred. It was humans, innocence that was sacred. And it was this sacredness that we lost.

But anymore, this era must end. We must now say, “Stop!” to their making us slaves to everything that is fake, to their anesthetization with television, films, and artificiality, to their leaving us under the captivity and influence of pompous and virtual lives that we were never going to reach. Are we waiting for liberators for this? We are the liberators! Humans are the liberators. The liberators are all of us that have been crushed under the oppression of these tyrants and been exposed to this! Only we can stop this.

That is why those who believe us must walk behind us, those who believe themselves must walk behind us, those who believe in reality must also hold on to reality. Don’t fall into disbelief, don’t succumb to your fears, don’t be the victim of your doubts! This is the only way; there is no other way.

Not by observing a certain interest but to carry the humanity of which we are a part to the point we deserve are we starting this movement. You will take action for yourselves and will light this wick in a ring of conflict for yourselves. Our interest is not to own this state or to get rich. We are not saying, “Let’s be the head of this state.” Just while someone is thinking of this for that, that person must think more for themselves. If they are not even thinking for themselves, they must think for future generations, for their children, and for their families. If they don’t have a family or network, they must think for innocence, for nature, for a thousand and one types of living creatures and animals. Because when they throw a bomb, it’s not just people that will be destroyed; trees, birds, animals, and even granules of air will be destroyed. This is why everyone must fight. We lit the wick, together we will take the torch and carry this out.

This is not the war of one of us, this is the war of all of us. This is a journey that all of us need to take. This is not a path set out to gain land or to kill people or to slaughter innocence and compassion and not to despise those that are not like us. This is a path set out to spread the torch of humanity across the world and to be one and together by ensuring unity according to that. In this world where they haven’t given us the opportunity to be human and to live humanely without being the enemies of each other, our greatest response to them will be our humanity. Either we will move with this awareness and coalesce within this totality or we will act as the “me” of others; without an identity, without a personality, and without a character, as a cowardly, exploited existence without beliefs.

The United World State is a condition for this. Actually, this is not a united world state but a state of being us. It is a state of making us who appear weak to be strong, of creating a shield against those trying to destroy us. We will establish this state and one by one destroy these systems as you join. We will together make weak those who appear strong, and we will eliminate all leeches trying to reduce our economic strengths, and we will strengthen and enrich humanity. With the justification of being us, of being one, of being whole. With the honor of being “us” as the human race, without saying Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu, Sikh, Atheist, etc. This is the code, belief, and perspective of the United World State.

The time to be us has come! The time has come to be human! The time has come to say, “Stop!” to a handful of tyrants who want to enslave us! From now on we have our say, people have their say, the independence of people has its say; not the borders or races of countries, but the strength of unity has its say!


Become Citizen!