Art Sector and Social Life

The art sector and social life


We are going to bring to life revolutionary projects in the cinema and art sectors in the United World State. We will make all art accessible and universal. For example, when a digital theatre production is performed, everyone who wishes, no matter where they are in the world, may simultaneously watch it with subtitles. Therefore, we will carry art into an interactive platform and we will develop technologies based on this.

Therefore, from now on, interactive celebrities, politicians, doctors, and scientists will be transferred, and everything will occur in this field. In this respect, all people within the system will be able to find work. For example, even psychological counsellors will be transferred into a digital system, and digital advisors will thus have presented a more effective service at a lower cost.


All of the things we counted are only a few of the innovations we envisage doing. The United World State is not just a state but a digital key of passage for the door that will carry humanity into a more enlightened age. Humanity has been preoccupied for longer than necessary with a crude manifestation of tyranny that violates the disposition of the human intellect and a crude creation that is a reflection of this. The time has come for us to pass into a process in which we discover the other side of the universe, where we test the limits of our intellect, where we challenge gravity, and where we discover our own potential. We must unite for this and challenge the fraudulent and virtual system the tyrants have imposed on us with the strength of our intellect, our spirit, and our morals.

If we truly want to live humanely as humanity and stop this slaughter, no system less problematic, more peaceful, and easier than we are explaining has yet been suggested on the face of the Earth. If we unite, quit purchasing what they produce, and begin purchasing the resources of our own production, we will have soon established a system that is better, more ecological, peaceful, participative, and productive than what they produced. There is no need for us to battle. The only thing we have to do for this is to be a person of this state, and, if we wish, to be a shareholder in the businesses that all of us will take in partnership and profit as it consumes. If we unite as humanity, this system will quickly be propagated. Who knows, maybe in 20 or 30 years, 80 or 90 percent of the world will be united under this. Then, nobody will be able to have a free hand. Because the purpose for the foundation of this state is peace, and no state will be able to stand against this as long as its citizens are members.

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